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Dear Colleagues,

It is with pleasure that I invite you to participate in the 10th Annual Congress of the ISFRI and our joint IAFR meeting. Unfortunately despite our best efforts and hopes, the Congress will be held totally online. I had been postponing our preparation in hopes that we would eventually be able to meet in person. Pandemic development and results of our society-wide survey have sealed the final decision.

It is my sincere hope that it will be possible to make it up in future - that you will be able to visit Krakow in person. For the time being, I am only able to offer a virtual visit which you will find at this website.

During last year we gathered new experiences (and I – personally – kilograms), as well as had the opportunity to strengthen some virtues including patience – which was very useful for you during the days you have been waiting for Congress information from me.

Regarding our Congress: shortly you will be informed about registration fee (I still have been working on lowering it) as well as you will have the opportunity to submit your abstracts as both oral or poster presentation, for both the ISFRI or IAFR part of the event.

In case you will have your paper accepted as oral presentation, you will be asked for recording of the length not exceeding 8 minutes submitted to us. In case of posters accepted, you will be asked to submit your work as a pdf file together with your short voice comment, as a mp3 file. Instructions will be forthcoming.
During oral presentation sessions, it will be the duty of Session Chairs to moderate the airing of pre-recorded papers as well as lead the discussion including any questions asked by attendees and sent to the Session Chairs.

During the whole time posters will be displayed and it will be possible to ask authors with the use of comments attached to the poster. The authors will be able to answer the same way.

We are planning to keep all the materials accessible online for registered Participants until the 31st May 2021.
While we are saddened that our Congress will not be in person and have the networking in person as we are all used to, we are looking forward to meeting again and sharing what we all have been working on to move our field of forensic radiology and imaging forward. We hope you will join us at ISFRI 2021!

Let's keep in touch,

Krzysztof Woźniak